Keyboard Pilot

~ Put your keyboard on autopilot

Note 1: If you are having trouble with preferences disappearing with Keyboard Pilot 1.6, please see here: Getting your preferences back.

Note 2: If you are missing the Fn key functionality that used to be included in Keyboard Pilot, please check out the free app Function Pilot.

Do you find yourself wanting different keyboard layouts for different applications all the time? If so, Keyboard Pilot might just have saved your day, or at least a whole lot of time and effort!

The Problem

There are plenty of us computer users who need to use different keyboard layouts for different situations and applications, for example:

  • Non-English photoshoppers who prefer to use the keyboard shortcuts as they were meant to (requires English layout)
  • Non-English developers who like the easier access to symbols like [ ] { } in an English layout
  • Multilingual users who need to switch layouts often since they switch the language used at the moment

The Solution

Keyboard Pilot makes the switching completely transparent by changing layouts automatically when the active application changes. After setting up the pilot, you will never have to think about the layout again.

Keyboard Pilot Is For You If...

  • ... you often switch between different keyboard layouts
  • ... keyboard shortcuts work much better in a different layout than your native one
  • ... you have at least Mac OS X 10.7 installed on your Mac

Keyboard Pilot is available on the App Store.

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